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“Tasty food, set inside a lovely taverna”

It was an real incredible experience. The local fresh and good quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavour in my mouth for ever. Grazie a tutti!
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by estefano onatrac

Tasting note in a nutshell

Dromos (Street)Food

Food is art as well, the creativity of a chef you’ll see it in the way of preparation.

Chef Christos, of Dromos Street Food, preparing a fusion of classical Greek products with local recipes.
The result is a great taste of several, sometimes spice, intense flavours.

Quality food in a fast- and slow way. A contradiction you would think in the first instance, it is, because the preparation is going in a slow way, the final arrangement is therefore in a fast way. Well, you get SlowFood at Dromos.

You should absolutely try the smoked sandwich – a Rodian Hotdog – smoked pairing of Pitalio (beef) with a strong and bit spicy sauce.

Christos born on the island, got his passion for food already in an early stadium, working with local ingredients
always puts a smile on my face. “The mixed family style”, or to say; “a spontaneous food coding style”, all a bit from each; “the (messy) family life…”, every day is different from the others.

Indeed, if you taste the kitchen of Christos, you’ll understand the meaning of “spontaneous food coding style”.
You taste Intensive – local – flavours, it’s coming from the hearth. Or try the “Papara” sandwich, but do not ask a Greek what the word “Papara” means… However, in general you mostly asking in a restaurant an explanation if something isn’t clear to you on the menu. The tastefully “Falafel Chutney Manouri”, also has a nice meaning, this time you may ask without a shame.

Besides of all these descriptions of great food, the taste, therefore you went primarily to Dromos, is magnificent. Believe it or not, Christos lived a time in Finland, but the cold does not have had any influence on his cooking creativity, but rather a contradiction, as he returned with a beautiful woman. Now you will be aware of the “Falafel Chutney Manouri”.

Καλή όρεξη – enjoy your meal!

PS: for a lunch break during your photo walk, this will be an excellent stop. And… don’t forget to scene up your dish.

Papagou 2, Rhodes 851 00

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De nieuwe smaken van Rhodos

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De nieuwe smaken van Rhodos

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Tasting note in a nutshell

Cookhouse Paraga - Apollona

Giannis Efthimiou, patron of Cookhouse Paraga, in the village Apollona, is day by day busy with redefining his kitchen, searching for new flavours for the local specialities on his menu or for future dishes. However, he does not forget his roots, the kitchen from mother and grandmother. These typically Greek dishes or products, like “Chortopita”, the tastefully wild herbs pita bread, or the “Paraga Zymi”, yeast dough – cookies – in the pan.

A must to taste, the “Pasti Katsika”, a dry aged delicious ham of a lamb, in combination with the Pita-Azymi for example. With a fine companion of a white dry Koryfi wine makes your dinner perfectly, the vintner does have a great rootstock on the island. You are able to try more of these nice wines, as Koryfi does have a lovely wine store in Apollona.

Back to Giannis and his local flavour recipes. As I worked for a time on Rhodes, I visited Giannis a several times, I took my friends to Paraga to taste them from the superb food. Every time I was thinking about possibilities how we could do a project together. By the end of the touristic season, we start a brainstorming and at the end we had the idea: “flavours of Rhodes”, a cookbook about local specialities and the cooking history of Giannis’ family.

In September 2020 we started with the book, every day about 7am, because of the beautifully light you have at that time of the year. During the long winter we finalized our book: “The new flavours of Rhodes”. Please have a look into the book. Sure, you’ll be curious about the food, to prepare the recipes, and having a wonderful taste.
As well as you get a bit of holiday feeling as we put several tips to go as you’re there.

A Dutch version of the book as hardcopy is available by clicking on the Dutch version. 

The English hardcopy version is available at Blackwells by clicking the below link:

EN – The new Flavours of Rhodes

Enjoy the new flavours of Rhodes!
Cookhous Paraga, 851 06 Apollona, Rhodes

Food Photography Rhodes | Estefano Onatrac | THE PHOTOKITCHEN
Food Photography Rhodes | Estefano Onatrac | THE PHOTOKITCHEN
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De Nieuwe Smaken van Rhodos

Food Photography Rhodes | THE PHOTOKITCHEN
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