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“Tasty food, set inside a lovely trattoria”

It was an real incredible experience. The local fresh and good quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavour in my mouth for ever. Grazie a tutti!
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by estefano onatrac

Tasting note in a nutshell

Aja Mola
Trattoria di mare

This is an excellent sea food restaurant situated near to the Marina. The dishes are full of local flavours and nice arranged. The fish is absolutely fresh and perfectly prepared. The Bouillabaisse is not to be missed, combined with a tastefully glass of Etna white wine. Similarly the Tuna started was gorgeous. However,do expect your pasta al dente and your tuna done pink (as you’ll a delicious taste). The service was excellent and, as mentioned before, they have a good choice of (very) local wines.

For a lunch break during your photo walk, this will be an excellent trattoria. And… don’t forget to scene up your dish.

Via Cassari 39, 90133 Palermo


Tasting note in a nutshell

Ristorante Scjabaca

Not far from the Via Roma you’ll find this nice little restaurant. A friendly ”Salve” you hear when entering. The menu shows more or less local products, as well as all SlowFood dishes are marked with the SlowFood snail. Italy is the home of the SlowFood organisation, this means the ingredients are conform rules of sustainability. Local products in Italy are called “Kilometer Zero“.

I ordered a “Kilometer Zero”, “Tuna Tre“; Thunfisch prepared in three different ways. The taste was excellent, in combination with a fine sensory made it delicious. I have been here for several times, not for nothing as you get marvellous food and a lovely service. After a great visit of Palermo’s old town, you’ll have a fantastic final of your day; cheers!

Vicolo San Carlo 42, 90133, Palermo

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Experience the taste

Enjoy local affinity, leave the main roads into a “vicolo”, as alleys reveal true tastefully surprises.

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