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You eat with your eyes (first)!

Enjoyment is achieved through the interaction of all the senses. Everyone enjoys things in their own way and has individual preferences, but it is precisely when eating a dish that all the senses are activated which can make it an intense experience.

Food is a connecting factor and brings forth both love and comfort. It is not for nothing that cookbooks go with you throughout your life, are treasured and then passed on from generation to generation. They provide memories of childhood, partly based on the pictures depicted.

Making your own cookbook is therefore not only incredibly fun, it is also the most rewarding book to give out. A collection of recipes, memories and the owner’s own additions, to be passed on to the next generation.

Together with you, we would love to bring more of these valuable books to market!

Together?! Yes indeed! From the compilation of your recipes with the corresponding preparation and recording, the arranging of images and text by yours truly, it becomes a tasty book which we publish together; many hands make light work.


Ingredient 1: The light

When photographing food, little tricks can have a big impact. A good photo stands or falls with the light source. Just one light is enough for the “Mystic Light” effect. This creates a mysterious look in combination with dark colours. With the so-called “Available Light” an exciting image can also be prepared. Good lighting is crucial!

Beautiful reflections and light setting on or near the desired dish can be achieved with good photographic (kitchen) utensils; good tools are half the battle.

Ingredient 2: The right garnish

Playing with focus and bokeh* to create the right atmosphere. The dish is thereby positioned in an elegant way; the eye also eats with it.


Ingredient 3: Positioning and perspective

When taking photos, it’s worth trying different perspectives to make full use of the potential of the space. Whether in portrait or landscape format, we’ll find the tension and harmony in the photo and create the perfect composition; an eye-pleasing service.


Rhodes Taste | Rhodes Wine | Wine Photography | THE PHOTOKITCHEN
Griekse keuken | THE PHOTOKITCHEN | Estefano Onatrac

Savour our book


The menu: together we can do it better – the B2B cookbook.

Together we make a cookbook, simultaneously creating new flavours and colours and implementing new aromatic ideas for the perfect picture; You eat with your eyes (first)!

生きがいikigai- ‘the reason to live’-‘be meaningful’.

Let’s start brainstorming together about the fantastic possibilities we have together, to create a delicate book that will make the reader’s mouth water; together we can do it better!

*The term bokeh is derived from the Japanese word “boke” meaning “out of focus” and leads to interesting photographs.

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