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by Steven Beltjes
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“Tasty food, set inside lovely places”

It was an real incredible experience. The local fresh and good quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavour in my mouth for ever. Grazie a tutti!
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by estefano onatrac

Tasting note in a nutshell


A tasteful and delicate food walk throughout the city

“Just as Greeks are rediscovering their culinary roots, the world outside is also taking a new look at the country and its cuisine”. 

You’ll get a great and delicious food experience with this tour. As well as during the walk, the guide explains in detail about the locations we pass and the served food. Fine and tastefully street food bits & bits you’ll get.
I know the Greek cuisine meanwhile fairly good, but every time surprised about new flavours I smell and got taste with my tongue. This food walk is predestined for “scene up your this with your smartphone”, you have enough time to make yummy images –
you eat with your eyes first!



Tasting note in a nutshell

Cooking Class

Dining 2 Perfection

Local Affinity!

“…An experience that reshapes the view we have of what “Greek cuisine” means and demonstrates in the best way, its strong points and my passion for good food! The team of Dining2Perfection and the Str.eaters food court, will welcome you to a relaxed environment where we will set up a pop-up restaurant, without rules and restrictions!”

Indeed the experience was great, shows me at the same time what we may expect from the “new redefining” Greek kitchen. All these great aroma’s where you taste for  example the taste of  sun in the fresh tomatoes, the real local flavour of herbs, what gives a naturally taste to the prepared food.

Check it out; local food experiences 



Food Photography With Phone | THE PHOTOKITCHEN

A freebie for you

Scene up your dish with your smartphone! A small guide how to make delicious pictures.
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Experience the taste

Enjoy international & local flavour pure in Athens, leave the main roads and enjoy sustainable food of creative chefs.

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