„You eat with your eyes (first)!“
„Fotos, bei denen man am liebsten ins Bild greifen möchte um zuzubeißen ...“ Das Auge isst mit, soviel ist bekannt - wie also kann ich ein genussvolles Gericht für alle Sinne kreieren? Kunst, die auch noch schmeckt = blättern Sie im Bilderbuch der Speisen!

Eye candies: photographic feasts for the eyes

Photography is art is aesthetics is enjoyment. Estefano gives a whole new meaning to the term “eye candy”. You could say that food photography has many faces (or bodies). Click through the gallery.

The food photographer knows just how to draw the attention to your product that it deserves. The secret isn’t just in the depth of field; it’s also in finding the perfect counterpart for your product.
He creates visual wordplay in which you decide who or what is in the foreground.

Think in more abstract terms and let Estefano be creative! Upcycling Nespresso capsules into chains that make a statement is a great way to turn rubbish into an attractive product.

He uses light spots to direct the viewer’s focus to different regions of the face, and plays with the contrast between light and shadow to bring out a range of moods – from the model’s nearly demonic glance to the glamorous look with the chain.

In his “Naked Chef” photography series, he takes the wordplay theme to the next level, bridging the gap between carnivorous and carnal with some more erotic shoots. These works bring the aesthetic interplay between naked skin and raw meat to the fore. They may be shocking to some, but these aren’t pictures you will soon forget. And that’s exactly what the food photographer is striving for.

Wouldn’t you agree that a Zwilling knife draws more attention in the hand of a tattooed model than in a wooden knife block?

Why does Estefano work with this type of presentation? Because pictures should generate excitement, tell stories, be inspiring and pique curiosity.



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